Monday, December 28, 2009

lotus girl musings has new digs!

well, the time has come... lotus girl musings has outgrown this little blog.  (mostly) restricting my blog to drawing posts was a great exercise when i first launched musings, but now, i need more room to play.  i want to write more, draw more, post more!  so...

lotus girl musings has new digs:  she is joined by 3 new categories of posts: the daily soup, an homage to the soups i eat on an almost-daily basis; swoon & shimmer, a catch-all for things that, well, shimmer, and make me swoon; and vignettes, little poem-wannabes (these have lived on for awhile, and have been due for a new home).

this week i will work on fowarding to magicalthinklet.commusings' original url,, will stay put so you can still visit if you like; however, i imported all of the posts to magicalthinklet, so they're safe & sound.  formatting issues from the mass import are still being fixed, but i hope to squash the kinks within the next few weeks.  

thanks so much for visiting musings the last couple years!  i hope you enjoy what the new blog has to offer!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


bad blood

see your face

empty bags

dog dan with balloons

three little dog humans

Thursday, November 19, 2009

built for three

trying to hold up the ceiling

mr. deuce